As part of a large-scale trade facilitation programme initiated by the Government of Cameroon, a series of reforms have been undertaken towards reducing the time and costs related to cross border operations.
One of the main achievements of these reforms is the establishment of the Single Window for Foreign Trade Operations (GUCE) interconnecting all the main stakehokders.
GUCE is the fruit of a public – private partnership between the Governement and economic operators.
By making all trade-related procedures completely paperless and by introducing major innovations including e-payment, the single e-Force form, the duty and tax simulator, e-Transit, e-Manifest, etc. GUCE is in line with the guidelines set by the highest bodies in Cameroon with regards to Information and Communication Technologies and the alignment with digital economy.
As a key factor of competitiveness and a growth catalyst, GUCE has been operational since August 2000.
GUCE is a founding member of the African Alliance for Electronic Commerce (AAEC), of which it has been occupying the chaimanship since March 14th 2017. For more information, please visit the site :

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