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Mean temperatures 22°C in rainy weather. Please bring appropriate clothes

Cameroon has four (4) different climate zones

Temperatures are very high in the North (30 to 40°C) and in the South (25 to 30°C) all year long (they are lower in the mountains). Rains are moderate on the plateaus and abundant on the coast and in the mountains. 

The Coast (Western Cameroon)

The Coast has a weather marked by alternating rainy and dry seasons. Rain season (from April to October). Temperatures are stable (29°C) and the rains are abundant. Dry season (from November to March). Temperatures are high (32°C) and rains moderate.

Northern Cameroon

The Northern part of the country has a weather, with a rainy season alternating with a dry season. Rainy season (from June to September). Temperatures are high (32°C) and rains moderate (750 mm). Dry season (from October to May). Temperatures vary between 35 and 40°C. Rains are non-existent.

The Central Plateau

Located in the central part of the country, the plateau has a hot and humid weather, with two dry seasons and two rainy seasons. A first rainy season (from May to June) and a second one (from October to November). Temperatures are high (28 – 29°C) and the rains are intense. A first dry season (from July to September) and a second one (from December to April). Temperatures vary from 26°C in July to 31°C in January. Rains are moderate.

Western Mountains

Rains are abundant in the mountains located in the western part of the country (over 10 mm per year). The rainiest months of the year are May, June, August, September and October.

Reference currency

All costs of the Single Window Conference are in Euro (€) except in case of a change in CFA parity.

Foreign currency change in Central Africa CFA (XAF)

Change is possible in local banks. Preferably, came along with Euros or US dollars.

There are change offices at the airports, in some hotels and in most commercial banks. Some tellers will require your passport for the transaction. Please make sure to change your remaining XAF francs (BEAC) before departure.

Benefit of the Blue Card

Please contact your bank with regards to the places where you can withdraw cash with your Blue Card. The banks in Cameroonian big cities are for the most part equipped with automatic teller machines. Change your foreign currency as and when your needs so demand. The bulk of the purchases or services are settled in cash, after the usual bargain…


Only the vaccine against yellow fever is mandatory. The other health preventions are left at the discretion of each traveller, with the advice of their attending doctors. Yet, malaria prevention is highly recommended.

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