Managing Director of Cameroon National Shippers' Council

With a postgraduate degree (DEA) obtained in 1987 at the University of Yaounde 1, Mr Mbappe Penda Auguste is a senior civil administrator that graduated from the National School of Administration and Magistracy in 1986, with a major in General administration.

State controller as from 1988, he became administrator of the Debt Recovery Company 1989 before being appointed the Manager Director thereof on October 22nd 1993. He was later appointed Managing Director of the Cameroon National Shippers’ Council on January 24th 2006, a position he has held ever since. 

At the head of this entity, which is the Government’s secular arm in the defense of shippers’ interests and the promotion of international trade, Mr Mbappe Penda has given a real momentum for the advent of a new deal for assistance to shippers and the facilitation of transports and international trade. He has a track record of achievements including the appropriation by CNSC of the electronic cargo tracking note (ECTN), the construction of the Maritime Museum of Douala and many other goods handling facilities nationwide, notably in Douala, Kribi, Tiko and Kousseri.

Statutory Treasurer of the Douala-based Union of Cameroon Shippers Councils, Mr Mbapper Penda sets himself apart owing to his proper command of interregional trade. He also follows activities of several international bodies including IMO, PIARC, UNECE, UNCTAD, UNCITRAL, DOALOS, CEMAC, ECCAS, AU, and CWEIC.

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