Speaker Gnini Elise TRAORÉ - SWC-CAMEROON

Ms Gnini Elise TRAORÉ

Consultant at the Union of African shippers’ Councils (UASC)

Holding a DESS degree and specialized in legal matters and international trade, Mrs TRAORE has occupied several positions in the transport sector, notably at the Department of Studies and Negotiations of the Burkina Fasio Shippers Council, and is Coordinator of the Task Force in charge of implementing UASC strategic plan 2015 -2020.

As a consultant, she has conducted many studies on transports in transit, the specific concerns of landlocked countries, the management of corridors towards landlocked countries of the West African region, and supply chain and trade facilitation, the most recent study being carried out for UEMOA from February to March 2019, on the operationalization of the juxtaposed border post of Malanville (border between Benin and Niger).

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