Expert specialized in geopolitics and geo-strategy of transports and trade; impact of digitization in cross border trade/University Lecturer - Member of WIMAFRICA, WIMACAMEROON, WIMOWCA, WISTA CAMEROON, etc.

PhD in geography obtained from Bordeaux III University in 1994

Geography of tropical spaces, major in transport and development, with distinction

High Certificate in Transport economics from the Laboratory of transport economics, CNRS, University of Lyon II in 2000

(Development economy, general economics applied to transports, IT tools and transport economics, research and documentary techniques in transports, road transport policy and planning, transport policy evaluation methods, data production and processing, management and operation of transport enterprises)

Training in transport economics at Ecole Nationale des Ponts et Chaussées, Paris in 2000 and 2002:

Member of the AFRIQUE ATLANTIQUE Group since 2015

Multidisciplinary group composed of African French-speaking university scholars and producing since 2017, in an eponymous compendium, several volumes concerning maritime transports, the Port – City – Hinterland relations: AFRIQUE ATLANTIQUE

Member of SITRASS network since 1997

International Solidarity for Transport and Research in Sub-Saharan Africa:

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