speaker_Faouzi - SWC-CAMEROON

Abdoullahi FAOUZI

Vice President of the Technical Committee of AACE
As Chief Operations Officer of the Single Window for External Trade Operations of Cameroon (GUCE-GIE)

Prior to the SW, he worked in the telecommunication sector (Orange CAMEROUN) as application developer in 2004.

Involved in activities of the African Alliance for Electronic Commerce since 2008 and he is vice-chair of the Survey and Technology Commission since April 2013.

He is the Single Window’s Focal Point at the African Development Bank/World Bank Unit of the Ministry of Public Works of Cameroon. As member of the FASTRAC project team, he manages Facilitation of Transport and Transit in CEMAC activities related to paperless Trade.

M. Abdoullahi Faouzi is since febuary 2016, member of the permanent secretariate and technical secretariate of the national trade facilitation body (NTFB) in charge of the implementation of WCO Trade Facilitation Agreement in Cameroon.

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